I am currently working on my habilitation, which will lead to the formal venia legendi in computer science. According to the regulations at the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Stuttgart this consists of several steps.

My habilitation has the topic and name Structured Modelling of Affect in Text and therefore handles aspects of sentiment and emotion analysis I worked on in the last 9 years (after the Ph.D.). Please see my publication list for the relevant papers.

The topics I cover are visualized in the following depiction:

Content of Habilitation

Steps to accomplish:

  1. Presentation of the habilitation to the faculty (an informal step) — done slides, publication list
  2. Written part of habilitation: Summary of papers published on the topic and publications (submitted, that is the reviewed version, which has been accepted but is not yet published)
  3. Review of the didactic quality of my teaching, review of documents [done]
  4. Oral part of habilitation: Presentation (1h) of a topic chosen from three proposals, colloquium (1h) [the topics I proposed are here, but I have not yet been informed about which topic I will talk.]
  5. Decision on accepting my habilitation
  6. Inaugural Lecture