Prof. Dr. Roman Klinger
IMS, University of Stuttgart (work) (private)
+49 711 685-81406 (office in Stuttgart)

Research Interests

  • Modelling of psychological concepts in text/language; both for text analysis and text generation.
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis, particularly of implicit expressions and with structured prediction models.
  • Biological and medical text mining, including social media mining and fact checking.
  • Social media mining, computational social sciences and digital humanities
  • Machine learning, deep neural and probabilistic graphical models: Zero-shot learning, performance prediction, explainability
  • Conditioned text generation, including emotionally conditioned text generation and style transfer

How to contact me?

  • I prefer to be contacted via email.
  • Are you interested to work with me? Read this. However, please note that I can currently not accept any new B.Sc. or M.Sc. students in Stuttgart. Regarding internships or external thesis supervisions, please contact me again in January.