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Declarative Relation Extraction (DeRE, 2018)

DeRE is a framework in which a task which can be formulated as slot filling is described in an XML dialect. This specification triggers a task specific model to be compiled. This helps transfer of models across tasks and evaluation of approaches in different domains.

  • Role: Principle Investigator
  • People: Laura Bostan, Sean Papay, Sebastian Pado (Co-PI)
  • Former Contributors: Heike Adel, Burak Tekin, Hendrik Schuff
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Adversarial Satire Detection in German (2019)

We developed a pipeline for training a text classifier which avoids to be confused by confounding variables and tested this on the task of classifying satire under the confounder of the publication source.

Joint Factorgraph-based Sentiment Analysis (JFSA, 2013-2015)

This is a software for joint aspect and subjective phrase extraction from text. It is not end-user friendly, but might be helpful to understand concepts of search-based learning in MCMC and serve as a starting point for other projects.

SCIE, Spinal Cord Injury Information Extraction (2014)

Information extraction system for the recognition and interpretation of spinal cord injury preclinical experiment descriptions in scientific papers. This is the result of a one-year students’ project.

  • Role: Supervisor
  • People: Philipp Cimiano, Matthias Hartung (Co-Supervisors), Benjamin Paassen, Andreas Stöckel, Raphael Dickfelder, Jan Philip Göpfert, Nicole Brazda, Tarek Kirchhoffer, Hans Werner Müller
  • Paper
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Amazon Review-ID-based crawler (2013)

An crawler for Amazon reviews, the basis for our USAGE corpus.

Factor-Graphs for BioNLP Event Extraction (2011)

This is a flexible MCMC inference system for BioNLP event extraction with FACTORIE.

SCAIVIEW (2008-2012)

SCAIView is a biomedical search engine. Several of my information extraction models are used in this tool to prepare the data.

  • Role: Provider of backend information extraction models
  • People: Many, see publications
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MusiComp (2006)

This is a system for automatic composition of music. I developed this in my Diploma Thesis (eq. to Master’s thesis).

  • Role: Main developer
  • People: Lars Hildebrand, Guenter Rudolph (supervisors)
  • Paper
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ModPlan (2005)

A system for planning. I was part of a project group during my studies in which we developed this system.

  • Role: One of many developers
  • People: Stefan Edelkamp (supervisor)
  • Paper
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KNN: Neural Network Simulator in Delphi(2004)

I developed this neural network platform to learn delphi and to understand the concepts of neural networks. It is completely outdated, but if you like Delphi, it might help somebody to understand the concepts of learning and inference in neural networks. It contains Hopfield nets and feed forward nets, both with graphical user interfaces.